Due to weather conditions, it is possible to lose 1 or 2 weeks of soccer; however, NSL will make it a priority to ensure that make up games are scheduled in a timely manner. The goal is always to complete in 8 weeks and 7 at the very least. If the fields are available, games will be played during long weekend.

Team Conduct

Nexus Soccer League is zero tolerance to any form of violence and abuse. In the Spring/Summer League; a yellow card results in one game suspension plus $10 fine, a red card equals 3 games suspension plus $50 fine. While serving a suspension, a player must pay their fine before returning to play. A team with more than 3 red cards is suspended from the league for one season; taking in consideration if 5 or more players from the same team attempt to register together. Play all fines by e-transfer to: nexussoccer@gmail.com.